15th March 2018

Civica's Libraries Technology Roadshow 2018: summary and presentations

NEW: Watch the presentations!

If you missed our event you can now watch the Sydney presentations which we recorded upon request. See below for the start times of each presenter if you want to split up your viewing times. 

  • Simon Jones, Managing Director, Civica Libraries & Education, (0 min)
  • Marshall Breeding, Library Technology Guides (starts @ 6.50 min)
  • Sophi Bruce and Roberta Ryan, UTS (starts @ 41 min)
  • Mark Norman, Wollongong City Libraries (starts @ 1:20)

Civica Libraries roadshow summary

The recently concluded roadshow was a five day five city event which travelled from Wellington in New Zealand to Perth Western Australia with Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in between.  It included keynotes from Marshall Breeding, Library Technology Guides; Sophi Bruce and Roberta Ryan, University of Sydney Institute for Public Policy and Governance (UTS:IPPG); and librarian guests in each location. It also included a preview from Civica of the latest Spydus 10.1.6 which focuses on user experience.

We're now pleased to bring you the roadshow presentations in PDF and PowerPoint. Many thanks to the speakers who have make their presentations available to share with the wider library community.


Marshall Breeding,  Library Technology Guides, US

Technology to power innovation in libraries (PDF, 1 MB)

Current trends and technologies impacting libraries and the technologies

Sophi Bruce and Roberta Ryan, UTS:IPPG

Online library spaces research - experiences and perspectices from users and libraries (PDF, 1.5 MB)

The  latest research report in the Changing Landscape for Libraries series The Intrinsic Value of Libaries as Public Spaces : Physical-Digital, Communicating the New Normal.  This latest research focuses on how online library spaces (through library websites and digital platforms) are valued and currently experienced.  Library members want a more user-friendly experience with better access, readability and integration across different services, and requested more online engagement with library social media. The findings from the research suggest that both physical and online library presences are regarded as important and that libraries of the future will continue to improve digital user experience by engaging in new ways with communities and collaborating with vendors, industry partners and government to advocate for and enhance digital library services.   A copy of the report can be accessed here.

Kim Tairi, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Change Drivers (PPT)

Thoughts and experience on library technology innovation

Katie Norton, Whitehorse Manningham Libraries, Victoria

Old stories new ways (PDF 500 KB)

The ‘Remarkable Women’ project Telling old stories new ways that focused on using digital mediums to tell stories hidden in the library collections

Mark Norman, Woolongong City Libraries, New South Wales

Woolongong Libraries Strategy 2017-2022 (PDF, 4 MB)

How libraries are working to engage with the community on transforming library spaces.

Nic Kilah, Lockyer Valley Libraries, Queensland

Opportunities and Challenges (PPT, 11 MB)

Opportunities and challenges that their libraries are facing when increasing their digital presence.

Jess Morgana, City of Rockingham, Western Australia

 [Presentation coming]

 "Rock Port" - the online portal that council is using to connect and engage with the community.


What do you you want to know next?

As part of our feedback survey we asked you what you would like to see in our next research project. Thanks to all who gave suggestions, we have summarised them here. If you strongly agree with any of these suggestions please drop Civica  or UTS:IPPG a line.