6th March 2017

Civica launches Cito to transform patient care

Civica, a market leader in critical software applications, digital solutions and outsourcing, today announces the launch of Cito – a next generation digital healthcare platform which provides real-time single view access to critical patient information.

The UK Government’s aim of a paperless NHS by 2020 has seen the allocation of over £1billion set aside for new technology. However this drive towards digital needs to deliver the required savings, efficiencies and ultimately improve patient care for the health service.

Civica, a trusted partner for over 400 health and care providers, is helping Trusts respond to the digital challenges by delivering improved, cost efficient and patient-centred health services with Cito.

As a responsive and browser agnostic web based Clinical Management and Portal solution, Cito seamlessly integrates into third party systems to provide access to critical patient information via a single sign-on interface.

Key to Cito’s development has been direct engagement with users. Civica’s proactive Clinical Advisory Group was setup to ensure Cito’s development was shaped around clinician’s current and future requirements.

Paul Curley, chief clinical information officer, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust was one of those involved in Civica’s Clinical Advisory Group. “We’re delighted to see that key features discussed extensively at the clinical advisory group will be included in Cito. The ability for a clinician to log-on to one single interface and be presented with critical patient information from a series of systems is extremely beneficial and time saving.”

With powerful Electronic Document Management, workflow and integration capabilities at its core, Cito builds on Civica’s WinDIP capability to deliver a Trust’s ‘Paperlight’ office by providing

  • Single sign-on portal - Cito integrates with Active Directory to enable a single sign-on interface - enhancing corporate wide security, simplifying identity management and reducing overheads.
  • Seamless integration – Cito’s proven interoperability seamlessly integrates into over 30 key third party systems to deliver real-time access to critical information.
  • Customisable interface – A simple and intuitive to use interface, Cito has been developed specifically for clinicians. Cito’s widget functionality enables customisation with a specific and in-depth patient information display.
  • Virtual patient record - Clinicians can further customise their user interface with an integrated virtual patient record to provide the complete clinical picture.
  • Responsive access - Utilizing HTML5 technologies, Cito has been designed as a responsive and browser agnostic web based portal; allowing users to access critical information on their device of choice.
  • Powerful eForms and workflow - Cito effectively captures data and automates clinical pathways to deliver service efficiencies. While rapid deployment can be realised using Cito’s pre-packaged eForms and workflow.
  • Scalability - Cito is a robust, flexible and scalable solution allowing the solution to grow and adapt with future business needs.
  • Improved auditing and reporting - Cito ensures compliance with NHS targets and standards. While Cito’s enhanced reporting enables further service improvements.

Designed by clinicians for clinicians, Cito is delivering the savings, operational efficiencies and improved patient care required for the health service of today and tomorrow. Civica values the feedback and engagement we have with our user community. To harness their insight and invaluable experience, we setup our Clinical Advisory Group in 2014 and so ensure Cito would respond to their current and future requirements.” 
Paul Sanders, managing director digital solutions local government and health, Civica