16th October 2017

Civica introduces a new and fully web-based Timetabling solution for Australian schools

The easy-to-use tool is a part of the Civica Education Suite (CES) and offers features that can automate scheduling and organising of day-to-day tasks

  • CES is Australia’s only complete software-as-a-service (SAAS) solution for primary and secondary schools comprising administration, finance, billing and timetabling.
  • Completely web based with proven no impact on system performance.
  • Powerful algorithm ensures quick and easy schedule generation.
  • Timetabling can be used as part of CES or with any SIF compliant school system.

 Sydney, October 18, 2017: Civica, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of critical software applications, digital solutions and outsourcing services that help transform the way organisations work, has announced a brand new Timetabling solution that is part of its Civica Education Suite (CES). CES is Civica’s popular web-based school management solution for Australian schools.

CES is Australia’s only SAAS complete school administration system, comprising finance, administration, and teacher tools such as timetabling. As a result, essential school data is stored in one place with no need for integration with third-party systems or importing data.

CES Timetabling boasts a powerful algorithm that can help teachers generate timetables of all complexities efficiently. Additional features make the scheduling quicker and easier, without impacting the school’s IT systems.

CES Timetabling offers a simple and intuitive interface where teachers can drag and drop elements to create schedules quickly and easily. It is fully web-enabled with specific design features to ensure that the task of timetabling, which is traditionally resource intensive does not impact the system performance. Version control capability allows timetablers to save different versions of the schedule to choose the most suitable one.

Simon Jones, Managing Director for Civica Library & Education Solutions, explained that CES is unique to the Australian school administration systems market. It will transform the way essential school operations work, including timetabling, and help the school staff save time and money, reduce risk, and bring greater flexibility to their workflows.

“Civica has over 35 years’ experience in School Administration, Finance, and Timetable management, and our latest release of the software is the most advanced in Australia. We have been able to achieve unparalleled integration across the application by keeping everything in one software suite. This allows the schools to automate processes wherever possible,” he said.

“One example of this is scheduling classes which require an additional fee paid. In CES, the finance module informs the timetabling module that there is a fee attached to the course. The timetabling module informs the billing module of families to be charged, which then sends the relevant information back to our finance module. This approach ensures that the sum of the parts are always far greater than the whole” he added.

“This whole suite is available to Australian schools as a SAAS solution. It provides them with powerful tools for administration, finance and timetabling to run their organisations. Whilst we take care of the technology, CES ensures that schools can use their time to focus on improving education outcomes,” he signed off.

More information about Civica Education Suite  including Timetabling.