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The power behind Occupational Health to improve workforce health and wellbeing whilst delivering greater insights

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Our cloud native Occupational Health software provides greater insight into the health and wellbeing of your workforce.

With work-related stress, sickness absence and mental health issues increasing, it’s more important than ever to look after the wellbeing of your employees. A better understanding of the causes of absenteeism, presenteeism and long term sickness can help support earlier intervention and pro-active measures to reduce health conditions.  This not only improves morale and a team-working culture but also increases productivity to help you manage healthcare costs and support your employees.

Used by occupational health professionals in their daily roles, eOPAS and OPAS-G2 deliver efficiency savings through automation and managing complex workflow across all processes including referral, pre-placement, health surveillance, vaccinations/serology and management reports. Our cloud solutions are used by leading industry clients across the public and private sectors.

Why choose Occupational Health software?

  • Reduces administrative and clinical overheads
  • Improves appointment attendance by lowering DNA rates
  • Fast referral triages supports earlier interventions and return to work

Our software transforms the delivery of occupational health services and supports organisations facing increasing challenges including workforce lifestyle diseases, an aging working population and the increasing prevalence of chronic and long-term diseases. 

Management referrals and self-referrals – provides a 24/7, secure and efficient interaction between employees, managers and occupational health. Referrals can be tracked and reviewed to decide appropriate actions.

Pre-placement - New starters will have a positive onboarding experience and be notified by occupational health and HR of the recruitment requirements. HR have their own specific dashboards and can track the stages of employees though the recruitment processes. New data records can be created and occupational health questionnaires completed and reviewed more efficiently. 

Health surveillance - Can be managed with online recalls automated for relevant health checks which promote compliance. Set programme criteria will allow the software to manage your health surveillance framework.

Management reports and communications – Reporting no longer takes weeks, days, or hours. Our software automates manual tasks providing real-time management information with KPI reporting dashboards with drill-down capabilities. 


Using eOPAS we can now show that we have reduced our SLA’s from a 21-day turnaround from the referral being sent in, to the report being received by the manager, to under 7 days. Which is an achievement that’s outstanding.
North Yorkshire County Council, UK

North Yorkshire County Council transforms occupational health services with eOPAS

How the council moved to deliver a more proactive occupational health service supported by eOPAS

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