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Ensuring safety and efficiency for prescribing and medicines administration

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Reducing drug errors is paramount with technology and automation seen as key enablers.

Civica Prescribing, our cloud electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (ePMA) software, increases safety and drives efficiencies to deliver better outcomes.

Civica Prescribing is seamless, adaptable and easy to use incorporating robust safety mechanisms to prevent medication errors. It delivers precise patient information and decision support for assured decisions and positive actions to improve patient care and clinical safety in mental health, acute and community care settings.

Effective security and resilience are key factors for using Civica Prescribing in the cloud as well as offering scalability for any future growth.

Why choose Civica Prescribing

  • Reducing risk and avoid medication errors by linking medicines management to clinical governance
  • Providing front-line staff with a clear structured workflow to help them safely prescribe and administer medications
  • Built-in safety protocols helps healthcare professionals follow recommended care standards

Civica Prescribing supports patients’ treatment and recovery using adaptable functions in different care settings, ensuring patients benefit from smarter preventative treatments. By using a coherent and guided workflow front-line staff have the right information to make assured decisions and take positive actions.

Delivering benefits throughout your organisation 

  • More effective sharing of patients’ medical histories - Accessible by authorised staff 24/7, improving patient care and optimising use of clinical time
  • Improved adherence to the medicines formulary - Includes increased compliance with antimicrobial stewardship
  • No more reliance on paper-based processes - Eliminates inaccuracies when tracking inventory of prescribed and administered medications; and removes consumable costs associated with printing paper charts and using transcription sheets
  • More efficient ward medication logistics - Improved communication between staff and departments, supporting effective discharge and electronic ordering of leave/discharge medication
  • Increased productivity for pharmacy staff - Reduces staff movement between wards and enables effective pharmacy verification
  • Compliance with national and local objectives - Automates data collection, removes manual processes and duplication whilst ensuring accuracy for compliance with minimum data sets and adherence to policies and standards.

Civica Prescribing is a flexible solution which can be integrated with existing clinical systems and has the scope for local customisation to meet changing NHS demands. It can be used on mobile devices and browsers ensuing the right information is always to hand.

Hertfordshire NHS Trust chooses Civica cloud software

Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust chooses Civica cloud software to boost patient safety

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Civica has partnered with Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

To provide a new Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (ePMA) solution, Civica Prescribing.

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