Coronavirus (COVID–19)

Coronavirus (COVID–19) – A challenge for everyone

Today we’re seeing public services at their best, doing an amazing job in the most difficult of circumstances. Everyone at Civica is committed to doing all we can to assist this national effort, now more than ever focusing on our purpose - sustaining and enhancing public services through our software.

Supporting our Employees

Our priority is of course to safeguard our people around the globe and we continue to follow the advice issued by the relevant local, state and national Governments. Our teams are doing an amazing job in responding to unprecedented change and are of course at the heart of our approach to business continuity.

From resources to support remote working to our free-to-access Employee Assistance programme, we’re fully supporting our colleagues. We’ve enhanced the way we communicate, with improved frequency along with specific guidelines for any employees in a high-risk group.

With our established working practices and strong infrastructure, we took early steps to enable our employees in all regions to work from home. An amazing effort in Vadodara, India, saw our team set up the remote access and equipment to allow home working for 500 colleagues over a single weekend. We expanded self-learning to replace face-to-face workshops, with specific support for remote working and leading remote teams including webinars and best practice tips.

Our people, their dedication and values, make a real difference. Using our online collaboration tools, colleagues are running virtual check-ins and coffee times, as well as drop-in sessions and social events. We’ve created new groups - working parents and guardians is one example, to share ideas and support. Our mental health champions are proactively supporting colleagues across the Group, extending our focus on positive health.

Backing our Customers

We’re taking all necessary steps to maintain business continuity for our customers. At the same time, we’re working hard to support national and local level responses across Asia-Pacific through practical innovative and updated software capability. In addition to new capabilities listed below, we’ve provided detailed system advice, configuration and reports to support effective action. We continue to review how our technology and infrastructure can best assist through the pandemic.

Supporting customers and communities around the world

In response to the urgent global challenge we have diverted resources to make new solutions available. Among others these include a new COVID-19 app and chatbot launched by the Department of Health in Northern Ireland to provide immediate advice and links to trusted information, and Community Helper software for UK local government which allows councils to oversee support for vulnerable people and route requests rapidly to those best placed to deliver.

ANZ travel restrictions – how we’re helping

With travel restrictions across Australia, organisations are using our cloud-based Signum software to gain accurate detail on the placement of temporary COVID-19 road closed signage. Digital access to information for bodies such as state police and neighbouring shires, helps make enforcement easier, with accurate and up-to-date information about road signage.

Supporting our library communities

With physical library branches closed, we’re helping our Spydus library customers to continue providing educational, entertaining, free of charge, resources to their communities as they self-isolate. Users are able to login via the Spydus web interface, search for and borrow a wide range of electronic content including e-books, e-audiobooks and e-magazines. Our cloud software allows library customers to easily update content from wherever they are and to help users we’re providing free access to our online training platform for the duration of library closures.

Supporting our front line workers

Our Carelink customers provide front line care for the disabled and aged, those most vulnerable to sickness. To support community carers we've developed a Global Client Alert function in the CarelinkGo mobile app.  This function alerts carers in the field for important COVID-19 updates prior to their shifts. 

Adapting to the situation – Hamilton, NZ

We’re working hard to minimise current disruption and we continue to maintain business operations. With a scheduled go-live in the midst of New Zealand’s lockdown, we worked closely with the Hamilton City Council team to mitigate new risks and ensure a smooth go live with all council staff working from home. Adjusting the programme to reduce the impact on Hamilton staff, who were already under significant pressure kept project momentum going while affording time for the council to address priorities including infrastructure, network and staff familiarity with working from home

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Community Helper software

Built on the iCasework platform to help local authorities co-ordinate rapid support for vulnerable people while minimising safeguarding risks. Securely manages requests with smart routing to rapidly match and direct these to agencies and volunteers. Free to councils for 6 months. Initial partnership with Liverpool City Council, the digital platform is easy to use, quick to implement and highly secure.



Worked closely with Hamilton City Council to mitigate new risks and ensure a smooth system go live. Adjusting the programme to reduce the impact on Hamilton staff already under major pressure maintained project momentum while accommodating movement of all council staff to working from home.

Asset Edge

With travel restrictions in place, organisations are using cloud-based Signum software to record and obtain detail on placement of temporary road closure signage. Digital access to information for entities such as state police and neighbouring shires is assisting enforcement with accurate information on signage.


To support community carers providing front line care for the disabled and aged, new Global Client Alert function developed for the CarelinkGo mobile app. This alerts carers in the field for important COVID-19 updates prior to their shifts.

Civica Experience

Working with Western Sydney Local Health District, the Civica Experience platform is being used to gain patient feedback from every COVID-19 telehealth appointment. Feedback is obtained in real time for priority patients who need to come into hospital, can be managed at home or need community support.


With branches closed, Spydus software is helping libraries to continue providing educational, entertaining resources to their communities. Users are able to borrow online a wide range of electronic content, which can be easily managed remotely and securely including 2 factor authentication. Free staff access to Spydus online training platform for the duration of closures.

Helping our Communities

In challenging times, people take great comfort from supporting and helping their colleagues and their wider community. We actively encourage our colleagues to support their local communities including through our Donate-a-Day scheme and our people continue to help with causes close to their hearts.