6th July 2017

Lake Macquarie City Council Chooses Civica To Further Its Digital Transformation Agenda

Civica’s Authority 7 enterprise management solution will improve customer experience, promote best practices and streamline business processes over next five years for A$6.3 million.

  • The new system will offer a range of reporting, productivity and performance benefits to Lake Macquarie City Council (LMCC).

  • Citizen-focussed functions such as self-service portals will improve efficiencies and deliver a better customer experience.

  • Authority 7 can integrate with LMCC’s third party applications and legacy systems offering increased flexibility.

  • LMCC will deploy Spydus10, Civica’s library management software to transform its libraries into modern-day digital public access areas.

SYDNEY, 19 July 2017: Civica, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of critical software applications, digital solutions and outsourcing services that help transform the way organisations work, is pleased to announce its new partnership with Lake Macquarie City Council. Civica will provide its cutting-edge Authority 7 local government software and systems to assist LMCC in running its complex and diverse business. 

LMCC will also deploy Spydus10, Civica’s web-based, mobile-responsive integrated library management system that will further improve customer engagement, user experience, enhance service delivery and reduce functionality gaps and process complexities.

LMCC has been continually striving to better serve its stakeholders by transforming Lake Macquarie into a “smart city.” The recent engagement with Civica, valued at A$6.3 million over the next five years, will go a long way towards achieving this goal. Civica Authority 7 enterprise solution will power LMCC with web-enabled services, mobile compatibility, improved data quality and integrity, data security, integration with third-party applications and enhanced service delivery across a number of council functions.

A modern user interface and a one-stop portal will address the needs of LMCC staff and customers. It will ensure increased automation and focus on self-serve processes. This will not only change the way the council interacts with the community, but will also allow the staff to focus on what really matters.

Brooke Humphries, Chief Information Officer at Lake Macquarie City Council explains that Lake Macquarie City Council is firm in its commitment towards its citizens. “Increased connectivity, heightened usage of mobile devices and popularity of social networks mean that councils have to work beyond the physical walls and traditional working hours. Hence, our systems need to be robust and agile to help us exceed customer expectations,” she said.

“Mobility and automation are keys to successful digital transformation. We hope to enhance these capabilities to further our digital and customer service aspirations by collaborating with Civica. Civica will not only deploy an up-to-date solution, but will also train our staff and offer on-going support to ensure increased service levels and customer engagement,” she added.

Richard Fiddis, Managing Director for Civica International believes that digital transformation is no longer an option. “It is a must-have for Australian councils as they focus on driving innovation in their business processes while enhancing community engagement. This makes it imperative for them to have agile and flexible systems that reduce IT complexity while improving service delivery. We are delighted to collaborate with Lake Macquarie City Council on its transformation journey. We look forward to delivering a highly functional solution which encapsulates global best practice,” he said.

About Lake Macquarie City Council

Lake Macquarie City Council (LMCC) serves a population of about 200,000 people and contributes to the enhancement of a unique coastal, lake and bush environment. Armed with a vision is to achieve a balance between the environment and development of the city, LMCC encourages community spirit and participation in a broad range of sport, recreation and community activities, through the range of Council's services and facilities.