7th March 2019

Building a balance for better at Civica #IWDCivica

Our people demonstrate that their gender does not define them or reveal what they’re capable of achieving.

Each and every day, millions of people around the world are using our products and services without realising that it’s Civica who’s behind them. From our Spydus Library Management solution providing a seamless online experience for students worldwide, to the NHS patient systems that log your symptoms when you visit a hospital, Civica is, and continues to make an impact in all corners of the community. However, if our people didn’t reflect the diversity of these communities, then our services couldn’t deliver the best outcomes for our customers and citizens across the globe.

At Civica, whilst we embrace gender equality and diversity in the workplace every day, today we’re joining in the International Women’s Day (IWD) celebrations, #BalanceforBetter, by exploring ways that we can all play a part in building a more gender balanced and inclusive world.

We believe that this begins early in the lives of the leaders of tomorrow. With our close work with Young Enterprise and our growing apprenticeship programme, we encourage young girls and boys to consider a career in technology, or any career they feel passionate about. Across our offices we’re now also pairing women up with leaders across the business for a day of shadowing, inspiration and guidance.

Our CEO Wayne Story has relentlessly driven diversity and inclusion (D&I) at Civica as part of our growth strategy, keeping the conversation about D&I and gender imbalance in the technology sector at the forefront of our agenda. With 41 percent of our managers and 33 percent of our senior managers being female, we recognise that achieving a Balance for Better in the workplace doesn’t end on International Women’s Day, but that a sustained approach is fundamental.

That said, our people are so much more than a statistic, which is why we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to some of the women who are making waves in the technology sector. Meet…

Martine Adeney
Delivery Manager, Local Government

I’m lucky enough to have always worked in environments that have promoted based on merit, and provided safe working environments for women. But I recognise that not everyone has been that fortunate, and there are many countries, industries and companies that have a long way to go. For me, International Women’s Day is about striving for these safe and fair environments for all women around the world. Especially those who can’t speak for themselves.


Kiran Chavan
Facility and Purchase Manager

I started my career at Civica as a Front Office Executive and now I’m responsible for the entire facility and purchase management at Civica Vadodara. Women are now visible in every sector, whether that’s technology, aeronautics or engineering, so I feel comfortable that my gender isn’t indicative of my ability. Today we may be marking a Balance for Better, but I look forward to continuing this conversation throughout the year.


Cheryl Downes
Head of Quality Assurance

Alongside my primary role at Civica, I help optimise other teams’ ways of working across Local Government. I love helping people so I feel a huge sense of pride when I see my colleague’s progress and achieve their goals. In particular, it’s really special when I see extraordinary women help other women succeed. International Women’s Day is an occasion to inspire everybody, regardless of age or gender, about who they can become - which is anything they want.


Tanya Felton
trategic Business Development Director

In my career I’ve been a little lucky but have worked really hard to continue to learn, continue to be better and then always deliver. I studied computer programming in my Business degree, which helped me hit the ground running in the health technology sector. Working in computerising and streamlining hospitals, being a regional manager for a small software company then a health industry manager for a large ICT company – you can tell I like diversity! Civica gives me an opportunity to continue to develop. As a woman, I feel confident to do exactly that.


Hwang Shu Rong
Senior Manager, Managed Libraries 

Ten years ago, I envied my colleagues who were always given the opportunity to travel abroad for conferences or training. I secretly wished for this to be my life, and in fact, it now is. In 2016, I developed the NLB Service Excellence Learning and Development Roadmap, writing a proposal on it that was accepted by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA). I then got the chance to present my work at the international conference alongside presenters from all over the world sharing ideas on how we can innovate library human resource management. In my success I realised that nothing is impossible and if a man can do it, so can a woman.


Supreet Kaur
Business Analyst, Cx Regulatory Services

My father always gave me the confidence to know my self-worth and the support and strength to chase my dreams. His passion towards his career has inspired me to have a can-do attitude in my own at Civica. Being recognised at our Employee Awards in January as Innovator of the Year is testament not only to my own ability, but to my father’s belief in me throughout my life. Women need both men and women to support them, and that balance is what International Women’s Day is all about.

A better balanced world requires men to play a pivotal role in challenging stereotypes and elevating the voices of women too. So, we thought you’d like to meet some of the men at Civica who are playing an equally essential role.

Steve Thorn
Executive Director of Digital 

At 20 years old I had just become an officer when my childhood ambition was no longer attainable. I had injured my legs and had to leave the Royal Navy, faced with a lengthy recovery and needing to find a replacement career. Fortunately that’s led to where I am today at Civica. There are fantastic female leaders at Civica who should be celebrated today, but we must learn and act upon the challenges that need to be overcome that prevent women from breaking the glass ceiling. I’m encouraged that we can commit to actions to continue to improve the situation both at Civica and beyond.


Jeff Hewitt
Executive Director of Housing and Communities

The biggest challenge I’ve faced, albeit a proud moment in my personal life, was caring for my parents when my mother contracted cancer in 2015. Simply managing the appointments and day to day care for both parents whilst keeping the balls up in the air due to a demanding career is something I look back on with no regrets. Despite the circumstances, I hope my mother felt loved and cared for. My pride in my career comes from spotting and nurturing potential, mentoring two colleagues to help them progress into Managing Directors. I find it necessary for everything in business to be based on ability, irrespective of gender, race, ethnicity, and International Women’s Day should celebrate how far we’ve come in recognising that but also being conscious that there is still much more to do.