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Offer your customers the best payment experience

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Improve revenue outcomes with outstanding customer payment experience.

Civica partnered with Payble to bring you the worlds’ first citizen-centric revenue optimisation platform for local government, seamlessly integrated with Authority Payments powered by Payble, you offer your residents a modern and easy experience that save your local government time and money.

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With Authority Payments powered by Payble:

Eliminate manual work

All customer payments are:

  • Processed digitally
  • Synced to Authority, and
  • Sent to customers – Mobile notifications for all upcoming and missed payments

Reduce costs

With Payble:

  • Help customers select a payment option that is most cost effective for them and your organization
  • Reduce costs associated with inbound contact centre activity, sending letters, debt collection and more

Improve customer satisfaction

With Payble:

  • All bills can be paid in 3 taps from any mobile device
  • Complex payments are made simple with helpful instructions and customised walkthroughs
  • Customers can easily activate instalments or a payment if accepted by their biller

With Authority Payments powered by Payble, you can:

  • Improve your customer satisfaction - delight your customers by delivering a modern, flexible and optimised payment experience
  • Save significant admin time – Payble efficiently minimises manual workloads for rates, admin and CS teams, allowing more focus on higher-value tasks
  • Deliver remarkable cost savings on transaction and processing fees through intelligent payment routing.
  • Identify which customers would benefit from further flexibility before the rates notice is due
  • Provide flexible payment options and recurring card payments that work for their life-style

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