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Boost your productivity by 40%

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Improve your efficiency and reduce admin with Cx Environmental Health software

Routine admin tasks aren’t the best use of staff time. Food hygiene, noise complaints, accidents and infectious diseases traditionally use manual processes which create a backlog of community work that takes valuable hours away from meeting service demands. With Cx Environmental Health, you can get back to what’s important: delivering better public health and food safety.

Using cloud technology, the software lets your team work anywhere, using any device. Cutting out paper processes and reducing administration will increase your officers’ productivity by 40%.

Citizens will appreciate easier communications using their preferred method. With the Cx Citizen Portal, people can submit applications, requests and complaints themselves, reducing admin tasks even further.

As well as improving efficiency and customer communication, you’ll be able to simplify data return reporting such as LAEMS, FHRS, PWS and LAE1. And, by embedding GIS technology, the Cx Spatial Dashboard lets you visualise and compare your data to spot trends and patterns such as fly-tipping or anti-social behaviour.

Why choose Cx Environmental Health software?

Reduce admin to boost productivity by 40%

Let staff work from anywhere while meeting legislative requirements

Improve data accuracy and case resolution times

By freeing up officers’ time, you’ll see a whole range of benefits across the organisation. More hours to give business advice means more revenue. And quicker responses from the team means better customer satisfaction.

Cx Environmental Health supports local practices so you can meet the relevant regulations – even with staff working remotely on mobile devices. With more accurate data and less admin for your team, you can focus on delivering an exceptional service to your community.

Can councils protect citizens with smart cloud tech?

With varying inflation, a fragile economy, and a government battling with the cost-of-living crisis can you work smarter with the right tools?

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