Authority Cemetery Management & Solution

Manage cremations services requirements and inventory allocations, in an easy to use solution.

Authority Cemetery Management solution helps authorities bodies manage their assets. It records cemetery services, such as burials and cremation services into one register, and allows deeds, burial certificates and permits to be produced with ease.

A fully automated accounting, sales and mapping system enables customer queries to be resolved efficiently. Certificates are produced rapidly records are preserved accurately. The software can be configured to integrate with existing accounts payable and receivable modules. The solution minimises human intervention, making it easy to manage asset allocations effectively.

Why choose Authority Cemetery Management

Management of regulations across all critical stakeholder levels

Easily record events and produce relevant certificates

Easy integration with existing modules

A comprehensive, single source of truth

Authority Cemetery Management brings ease of management in a comprehensive system. Inventories can be sold, relinquished and transferred, and invoices, work orders and statements are produced and maintained by the system.

A single source of truth, the single database environment eliminates data duplication thus facilitating informed decision making to optimise on assets maintenance.

Features of Authority Cemetery Management

  • Asset Register
  • Prepaid services
  • Billing services
  • Reporting
  • Payment services
  • Accurate and single source records

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