Authority Data Warehouse

One single source of data enabling powerful analysis and insights

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Improve decision-making and business intelligence.

Civica’s Data Warehouse is built using the multi-dimensional data model to make it easier to understand, query and analyse.

It enables reporting and analysis to be conducted on a data store specifically designed for that purpose, without impacting the live transactional database, reducing performance impacts and other overheads associated with using the transactional database for reporting.

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Why do you need the Authority Data Warehouse?

  • Easily analyse and report on a large amount of data across different timelines and trends
  • Simplify report building with intuitive data structure and naming convention
  • Improve speed and efficiency of accessing different data sets 
  • Improve Authority System performance
  • Keep an historical record.

Instant success, Out-of-the-box

Tailored for Authority

Improved decision making & business intelligence

Auditability & Stability

Improved System Performance

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Why Choose Civica Authority Data Warehouse?

One central reporting data source, optimised to present data from various modules of Authority

Leverage standard Power BI dashboard templates to get insights faster

Enables a wide range of analytics and reporting options on your data

Authority Altitude: a comprehensive Enterprise Management Cloud Solution

Transform customer engagement and streamline service delivery.

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