Citizen Central

Allowing citizens to access all their council services in a single place

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One stop shop for your residents to access local government services anytime, on any device

Through Citizen Central the next evolution of Civica Authority's Community Portal, councils are able to immediately meet their citizens’ needs by providing real-time access to local government services.

This Authority module acts as a central hub for your residents to interact with the council, whether it is requesting permits, making payments, registering pets or submitting requests. It simplifies the process and fosters a move towards a self-service approach, saving time and costs.

The Citizen Central Portal is designed to encourage digital engagement. Its user-friendly interface, with enhanced layout capabilities, is suitable for both technical and non-technical users.


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Why upgrade to Citizen Central?

Flexibility and Selfe-Serve

Flexibility and Self-Serve

Your community

Your Community, Your Way

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One-Stop Citizen Hub

Free up council

Free Up Council Resources

Responsive design

Responsive design

Reduced implementation time

Reduced implementation time

Happy Citizens

Happy Citizens, Happy Council

Key features

Enhanced security
  • For Council: Integration with Azure AD B2C instance and multi-factor authentication fortifies data protection, reducing the council's exposure to fraud and ensuring compliance with security standards
  • For Citizen: Citizen data is safeguarded with secure sign-in process, fostering trust in council services, and enhancing their confidence in online interactions.
Simplified identity verification
  • For Council: Streamlined identity verification processes and automated NAR merging alleviate administrative burdens, freeing up staff’s time to focus more on community needs
  • For Citizens: Experience hassle-free identity verification, saving time and effort when accessing council services, and enjoy smoother interactions with local government.
Single view council
  • For Council: A centralised dashboard provides a clear view of citizen interactions, streamlining service delivery and boosting overall productivity
  • For Citizens: Enjoy a comprehensive view of their relationship with the council, making it easier to manage payments, requests, and applications without navigating multiple systems.
Seamless transactions
  • For Council: Convenient payment experiences and secondary validations enhance transaction security, reducing the risk of financial fraud and ensuring compliance
  • For Citizens: Enjoy modern and secure payment options with integrated gateways, receiving clear email receipts and downloadable payment records for added peace of mind.
Intuitive user experience
  • For Council: Customisable portal structures empower councils to tailor the platform to meet community needs, enhancing engagement and satisfaction
  • For Citizens: A fully customisable and easy-to-use portal allows citizens to navigate the platform effortlessly, ensuring a positive experience when interacting with council services.
Accessible and compliant design
  • For Council: WCAG-level AA-compliant design ensures accessibility for all citizens, demonstrating the council’s commitment to inclusivity and compliance with regulatory standards
  • For Citizens: Access public services and forms with ease, regardless of abilities, promoting equal opportunity and participation in civic activities.

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