1st October 2020

How catering management solutions can support the post-COVID recovery

The coronavirus crisis has been devastating to the catering and hospitality industry, with many organisations forced to significantly scale back or close completely. However, as Andrew Pond, Business Development Director - Saffron, Civica shows, this industry has once again shown reliance through the use of innovative technology.

Many restaurants and food service businesses have pivoted their operating models to adapt to the current situation – others have taken this transformation a step further by introducing cashless systems, on-line reservations and ordering, smart kitchen appliances and even six-wheeled, driverless delivery robots.

While digital technology and catering equipment is evolving, food service operators are also looking at streamlining in-house operations. Caterers that choose the right solution and embrace this technology can boost efficiencies, improve customer service, reduce wastage, control inventories, replenish stock and manage supply chains.

Today’s catering management software solutions integrate with everything from accounting tools to allergen information and supply chains.

Practically speaking, this means that businesses can make decisions based on real-time, free flowing information between sites and head office. This functionality is particularly useful for caterers trying to manage food waste targets amidst changing eating habits, lifestyle disruption, local lock downs and changing government guidance.

The actions restaurants and food service businesses are taking now to embrace technology, will dictate how their business will survive this current crisis and thrive long after the recovery.

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