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The pedigree and evolution of over 25 years of Authority serving Australia and New Zealand’s local government and communities.

Authority Altitude enables Local Government organisations in Australia and New Zealand to provide services and maintain infrastructure in an easy and sustainable way while reducing overheads and giving you the tools to create stronger and supported communities.

This step change in Authority represents the pedigree and evolution of over 25 years of Authority development, enhanced usability developed in collaboration with end-users through co-design, alignment with your strategic direction through our comprehensive industry research and executive engagement program, enhanced functionality and stability through strong integration and the utilisation of the latest technologies.

Manage your citizens, employees, finance, assets, systems, revenue, development, regulatory requirements, development, reporting and more – efficiently and effectively.

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Best practice processes and pre-configuration

Authority Altitude is developed in collaboration with the end users in councils, utilising a co-design methodology to find the common best practice approaches to activities, reducing the effort taken to do them.

Flexibility, mobility and ease of use

Authority Altitude is browser based, featuring a range of connected mobile applications making this an incredibly intuitive and easy to use system.

Cloud-based and future proof

Authority Altitude is built utilizing the Cloud to ensure that no matter what future technology you want to utilise in your community; from IoT, AI and beyond we can help you maintain relevance for the ever-changing needs of your citizens. However we will work with you if you prefer an on-prem solution.

Stability and sustainability

Built from the expertise gained through over 25 years of Authority supporting Local Government organisations across Australia and New Zealand, combined with a comprehensive co-design and industry research program. Our local industry experts leverage our global capabilities to deliver the best results for you.

Software as a service (SaaS)

Realise the full benefits of SaaS including a simple release process, scalability, reduced costs and more.


Authority Altitude plays nice with others, featuring strong integration with your other systems where required.

Reduced Cost

Reduced your total cost of ownership through the use of cloud, removing the necessity for laborious maintenance or hardware.

Why choose Authority Enterprise Suite

  • Working in partnership, to deliver better outcomes
  • Mobile apps for field worker flexibility
  • Web responsive design and friendly user interface

A scalable, end-to-end solution for local government

Authority is a rich, highly usable web application for workflow management which allows customer information to be accessed and updated with ease.

  • More than 40 modules of business software integrated into a rich matrix of functionality and technology.
  • An API layer to integrate with business partners and third party systems.
  • An architecture based on established, open principles of design that provide you with choice and flexibility now and in the future.
  • A single vendor to reduce the administrative burden with minimal complexity.
  • A single, unified user interface facilitating a seamless, highly useable experience.
Civica’s level of commitment to our project, Authority and the local government sector in general extended well beyond our expectations.

David Bryant, General Manager – Corporate, Hamilton City Council.

A rich matrix of functionality and technology

Mobility & Apps

In our research conducted with UTS: Institute of Public Policy and Governance, Changing Landscapes: Digital Transformation – What do local councils need in the digital age?. Ninety three (93%) percentage of surveyed local government respondents indicated that mobile compatibility would be useful or extremely useful to their organisation.

In light of this we have developed a series of Apps to complement Civica Authority called Authority Connect to create a better experience for our customers; allowing them to interact with Authority in the most efficient way possible.

This is only the beginning - please continue to check in as we create more Apps for Civica Authority, and continue to enhance our current offering based on the feedback of our customers.

Authority Connect: Comply - Infringements App for Civica Authority

Record evidence and issue on-the-spot infringements with ease, using Authority Connect: Comply

Download datasheet - Authority Connect: Comply (PDF, 800kb)


Authority Connect: Inspex - Inspections App for Civica Authority

Authority Connect: Inspex allows inspectors to create defects and carry out inspection tasks in Authority while in the field, on a mobile device.

Download datasheet - Authority Connect: Inspex (PDF, 800kb)


Authority Connect: Workz - Work Orders App for Civica Authority

With Authority Connect: Workz, a field worker can update and complete a work order on site, reducing the risks and inefficiencies associated with double handling and paper based processes.

Download datasheet - Authority Connect: WorkZ (PDF, 800kb)


Authority Connect: Actus - Task Management for Civica Authority

Actus allows you to browse/open/download - application, register, customer request, facilities booking, and cemeteries tasks from Civica Authority for completion in the field.

Download datasheet - Authority Connect: Actus (PDF, 500kb)

Reporting & Analytics

Authority Business Intelligence Solution (BIS)

Drive efficiencies in your council operations with the new and improved Authority Business Intelligence Solution (BIS). BIS is an intuitive BI application that utilises its smart analytical tools to enquire, analyse, report and budget against key organisational information

The new and improved BIS boasts an HTML5 front-end withall new customisable dashboard screens

  • View financial and non-financial data from different areas like Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Assets, Rates & Valuations
  • Track performance and outcomes for tangible benefits to your organisation
  • Monitor council performance by setting alerts throughout the organisation
  • User empowerment at all levels in the organisation
  • See a top down view of key information, illustrating any hot spots or problem areas
  • Reduce workload with pre-configured reports
  • No need to write complex MS Excel queries, Crystal reports easily generate data
  • Export reports for use in other applications, documents and presentations
  • View saved reports on your screen in a graphical format to forecast trends for the year

Download Authority Business Intelligence (BIS) Datasheet (PDF, 800kb)



The digital revolution continues to drive innovation in the automating of tasks. Councils are increasingly dependent on automation for services from the watering of parks and gardens to the issuing of rates. Very few areas in local government have not been affected.

Cost is always an important factor and councils continually seek ways to reduce overheads and create greater budget efficiencies. Although many of the benefits of automation are enjoyed by ratepayers, councils also benefit from reduced transaction times, faster feedback on programs and projects, and importantly, freeing up employees from mundane and repetitive tasks to allow more effective use of their resources.

Alongside functionality found within Authority - we also partner with third party products such as EzeScan in order to provide service to those seeking to automate the processing of both hard copy and electronic invoices. EzeScan enables you to effectively reduce the time spent on manual data entry, distributing, validating and approving payment of invoices.

Compliance & Data Security
  • Sector organisations with IL3, PSN or IGSoc N3 data security requirements
  • ISO 27001, ISO 9001, SSAE 16/ ISAE 3402 SOC 1 Type 2 and UTI Tier 3 standards
Community Engagement

Community Portal - Engage your citizens

“Keeping in touch with the Rockingham community, receiving relevant information and engaging with the many different projects we are doing, is now easier than ever”

Barry Sammels, Mayor of the City of Rockingham (2017)

Community Portal for Authority gives your council the opportunity to redefine the way you interact with citizens to achieve:

  • Superior citizen engagement and experience
  • Efficiency through automation (self-management by citizens)
  • Alignment of service standards to maintain relevance with expectations of the modern citizen (24/7)

Download Community Portal Flyer (800KB)

Over 40 modules of business software

Authority includes all standard features expected of an enterprise planning system, including name and address, customer request management, HR, payroll, and finance. It provides ‘a single source of truth’ for data and our integration layer eliminates double entry of data and drives efficiencies for users.

In addition, Authority offers unique modules and features specifically designed for local governments such as rates and charges, planning and development, electoral roll, utilities and waste billing, asset management, animals, infringements and inspections.



Receipting - Electoral Roll - Customer Request Management - Facilities Bookings - Name and Address



Debt Recovery - Liquid Waste Billing - Rates - Special Rates & Charges - Utility Billing - Waste Billing






Payroll - Positions - Personnel - Skills - Training - Recruitment - Salary Packages - Staff Reviews - Issue Management - Workplace Health & Safety



Asset Register - Fleet - Maintenance Management - Asset Financials - Strategic Asset Management - Works



Pre-Defined - User-Defined - Ad-Hoc



Animals - Infringements - Inspections



Accounts Receivable - Accounts Payable - Bank Reconciliation - General Ledger - Contracts - Inventory - Loans - Procurement - Trust



Applications - ePlanning - Online Applications



Property - Certificates - Cemetery Management

A digital transformation journey with Civica

This report examines the current state of digital leadership in public sector organisations, analysing the barriers and challenges of leading in a digital-first economy.

This report examines the current state of digital leadership in public sector organisations, analysing the barriers and challenges of leading in a digital-first economy.

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