Authority Enterprise Suite

An enterprise wide software solution built for local government helps authorities transform customer engagement and streamline service delivery.

Authority Enterprise Suite

An enterprise wide software solution built for local government helps authorities transform customer engagement and streamline service delivery.

The landscape for local governments is constantly changing. Local governments are expected to “do more with less” for their communities and citizens while managing the ever changing legislative demands.

Our Authority Enterprise Suite is built on a corporate enterprise information system approach specifically designed for local governments. Authority applications provide ‘a single solution from a single vendor. Our integration layer eliminates double entry of data and drives efficiencies for users.

Data can be shared and updated in real time via the easy to navigate user interface.  Authority creates operational efficiencies and facilitates optimal support services that local authorities can leverage to serve their communities. 

Authority brings you a powerful combination of technology and experienced local government experts to deliver operational efficiencies.

A scalable, end-to-end solution for local government

Authority is a rich, highly usable web application for workflow management which allows customer information to be accessed and updated with ease.

  • More than 40 modules of business software integrated into a rich matrix of functionality and technology.
  • An API layer to integrate with business partners and third party systems.
  • An architecture based on established, open principles of design that provide you with choice and flexibility now and in the future.
  • A single vendor to reduce the administrative burden with minimal complexity.
  • It is based on Rich Internet Application Technology, Web 2.0 platform. It provides a single entry point to all applications within the Authority Enterprise Software Suite.
  • A single, unified user interface facilitating a seamless, highly useable experience.

Authority Connect - Mobile Apps for Civica Authority

In our research conducted with UTS: Institute of Public Policy and Governance, Changing Landscapes: Digital Transformation – What do local councils need in the digital age?. Ninety three (93%) percentage of surveyed local government respondents indicated that mobile compatibility would be useful or extremely useful to their organisation.

In light of this we have developed a series of Apps to complement Civica Authority called Authority Connect to create a better experience for our customers; allowing them to interact with Authority in the most efficient way possible.

This is only the beginning - please continue to check in as we create more Apps for Civica Authority, and continue to enhance our current offering based on the feedback of our customers.

Authority Connect: Comply - Infringements App for Civica Authority

Record evidence and issue on-the-spot infringements with ease, using Authority Connect: Comply

Download datasheet - Authority Connect: Comply (PDF, 800kb)


Authority Connect: Inspex - Inspections App for Civica Authority

Authority Connect: Inspex allows inspectors to create defects and carry out inspection tasks in Authority while in the field, on a mobile device.

Download datasheet - Authority Connect: Inspex (PDF, 800kb)


Authority Connect: Workz - Work Orders App for Civica Authority

With Authority Connect: Workz, a field worker can update and complete a work order on site, reducing the risks and inefficiencies associated with double handling and paper based processes.

Download datasheet - Authority Connect: WorkZ (PDF, 800kb)


Authority Connect: Actus - Task Management for Civica Authority

Actus allows you to browse/open/download - application, register, customer request, facilities booking, and cemeteries tasks from Civica Authority for completion in the field.

Download datasheet - Authority Connect: Actus (PDF, 500kb)

Like most Councils, serving our community is one of our highest priorities, so giving our residents, businesses and visitors access to self-serve online tools makes it easier for them to interact with Council, which in turn helps us to provide a more timely and efficient service."
General Manager, Kiama Municipal Council.

A digital transformation journey with Civica

The changing landscape for local government in Australia & New Zealand

A new working model to deliver integrated services in the run-up to 2025 and beyond

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Co-design: different ideas from a different voice

Exceptional results by engaging communities to collaboratively prioritise and design services

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