2nd July 2019

Civica's master data management solution delivers clean patient data to power initiatives for clinical artificial intelligence company HealthReveal

Civica, the market leader in cloud software, managed services and digital solutions, including Master Data Management (MDM) for healthcare organizations and state and local governments, has announced a partnership with clinical Artificial Intelligence (AI) company HealthReveal.

Civica's MDM technology offers a complete, accurate view of patient records, providing the clean, robust data necessary to enable healthcare innovators to power their predictive analytics and AI technology. The solution provides sophisticated matching algorithms for the highest levels of data accuracy, unmatched performance and scalability – as well as transparency and user-control over how match rules are created.

HealthReveal helps ensure patients receive optimal, personalized care, using artificial intelligence to apply the latest medical guidelines to individual patient health data. The results are patient-specific, precise diagnostic and treatment recommendations for care teams and patients that can reduce long-term medical costs and save lives.

According to a study from the American Health Information Management Association, up to 22 percent of a hospital's records are duplicates, and each duplicate record can cost the hospital more than $96. Further, the study found that in 4 percent of cases involving confirmed duplicate records, clinical care was negatively affected.

"We're pleased to partner with this game-changing organization that is positively impacting patient lives. HealthReveal's clinical AI solution relies on accurate patient data, and our MDM solution provides a single, accurate, and complete view of the patient, ensuring the highest degree of data reliability," said Chris Owen, Divisional Managing Director, Digital and Data Solutions at Civica.

One of Civica's core differentiators is the complete transparency of its MDM solution. The algorithms driving the matching decisions are open and customizable, enabling clients to determine the specific rules that best suit their needs.

"HealthReveal's volume of data is rapidly expanding," added Lori Evans Bernstein, MPH, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of HealthReveal. "Civica's MDM solution allows us to ensure that as we scale, we continue to use the highest quality patient data to inform care recommendations for the most at-risk patients with chronic disease."