Mail returns reduced by 25% with MultiVue

13th May 2021

Prominent health plan uses MultiVue to significantly reduce costs

A large Pacific Northwest health plan recognized their member and prospect databases included duplicates and inaccurate data. As a result, their direct mail campaigns were neither cost-efficient nor optimally effective. They were concerned that the quality of their data was impacting customer satisfaction and potentially customer loyalty.

The provider deployed Civica’s MDM, MultiVue, product suite to enable the organization to eliminate duplicate records, thereby reducing costs associated with marketing, billing and operations.


• Reduced production, material and postage costs

• Further 25% reduction in mailing return

• Streamlined data stewardship and governance initiatives

• Verified and standardized existing data against third-party reference sources

• Created a single and complete view of members

• Data shared and updated in real time

• Forecasted savings on future marketing materials and campaigns.

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