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Increase your team’s productivity and manage court cases with ease

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Boost case management and improve decision making with access to accurate information.

You no longer need to waste time hunting for information. Authority Court makes case management simple with hassle-free reporting. Easily aggregate and organize your data for quick and informed decision making. Authority Court provides you with an intuitive and easy to use platform to empower even non-technical users.

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Why choose Authority Court?


Increase productivity by 25% with better access to reporting information.

Speed up important decisions made by the judge with quick access to important case details

Make informed decisions thanks to innovative reporting tools

Modernize your technology with the current industry standard database solution




Cloud platform ensures your data is secure and compliant, reducing the risk of cyberattacks

Give your reports a professional look with sortable columns and export to Excel, PDF, or Word

View all open arrangement slots, trials, and a detailed entry of ongoing cases from one screen for efficient scheduling

FAQs - Your Court Management Questions Answered

How can Civica Authority Court benefit my court's operations?

Civica Authority Court offers a suite of software solutions designed to streamline court management processes, making your court more efficient, accurate, and collaborative.

Is Civica Authority Court suitable for both law enforcement agencies and courts?

We offer specialized modules for both law enforcement case management and court case management, ensuring that all your needs are met.

Does your software support electronic document storage?

Yes, our software includes an electronic court case management system that enables secure and efficient document storage, reducing the need for physical paperwork.

How can I integrate Civica Authority Court with my existing systems?

We offer seamless integration capabilities, ensuring that our software works harmoniously with your legal records management and jury management systems.

Is training provided for court staff to use Civica Authority Court effectively?

Yes, we offer comprehensive training and support to ensure your staff can maximize the benefits of our software.

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