Authority Payroll

Proven functionality for your payroll needs and improved access to employee information

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Boost employee self-service and significantly reduce the number of payroll queries and requests on a daily basis.

Providing an online portal gives your employees easy access to view personal data, submit data changes, view and print check stubs, and enter timesheet information. It provides managers with departmental access to upload forms so you never have to stop what you’re doing to print for an employee.

Authority Payroll provides electronic filing for federal, state and local requirements. It allows you to share information with Microsoft and Google applications and gives you the option to export to Excel and e-mail for reporting purposes. You will save time, ink, and money by making pay stubs available online for employees.

Why choose Authority Payroll?

Empower employees to be more self-sufficient, reducing administrative tasks

Web-based employee access gives users freedom to log on from any device and location

Improve data accuracy and eliminate typos by automating manual processes.

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