Authority Finance

Proven Financial Management functionality with enhanced reporting and updated infrastructure to meet today’s challenges

Product overview

Gain control over fiscal operations with real-time data you can trust.

Providing you and your team with fast access to multiple data sources, Authority Finance allows you to oversee all financial activities in a strategic and responsible manner. Manipulate your data to identify trends and anomalies and identify problems before they occur. Create a single view of your data from various sources. Your department will spend a fraction of the time tracking expenditure and have more time to focus on strategic community advancement.

Why choose Authority Finance?

Increase team productivity, resulting in lower operating costs

Resolve queries faster with streamlined financial processes

Boost decision making with visibility of all financial statements

Jack Reser,

County Auditor,

Logan County

Technology is key to reducing the cost of doing business and this means there are more taxpayers’ dollars to use for the benefit of the community.

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