Authority Utility

Allowing Municipal Utilities to significantly improve revenue, enhance customer service and work more efficiently

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Cut reporting time in half and simplify bill creation to increase money collection.

Authority Utility makes it easy to create bills and collect money owed. You will improve staff productivity and maximize resources through shifting manual processing to online payments. Advanced proofing tools will improve the accuracy of your bills; while our flexible printing options help you get the right information to your customers. You can enter their payments quickly through the system or use our interfaces to further automate the process with web payments, lockboxes, or direct debit.

Spend less time on reporting and focus on more strategic goals. Custom reports allow you to extract valuable data to help make decisions that improve services, reduce costs and enhance productivity. It also benefits your residents as they will spend save time in making utility payments.

Why choose Authority Utility?

Cut your report-processing time in half

Automate manual processes and save valuable time

Increase your revenue collections

Extract valuable data to improve productivity and reduce costs

Make informed decisions with customized reports.

North Canton Case Study

Read how City of North Canton cut its report-processing time in half.

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