Kent Catholic Schools Partnership choose Civica smart technology to manage operations

2nd August 2022

Civica steps in to help Kent Catholic Schools Partnership manage their assets and regain control of their compliance

When Kent Catholic Schools Partnership selected Civica Educations Operations (formerly Parago), they were facing problems with their asset management being inadequate. A lot of issues such as non-existent robust registers left them with a vulnerable database that was not working how it should. 

Civica provides Kent Catholic Schools Partnership with a fully secure asset management system, enabling central oversight of assets across 20 schools.

Pleased with the Civica Education Operations software, it was down to Kent Catholic Schools staff to incorporate the system into their day-to-day work. Overall, with 100% positive feedback, staff praised Civica Education Operations and have taken it on board as a very helpful tool to manage assets.

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Key outcomes

Digitising your inventory cuts down on time and eliminates the use of blank excel sheets

Software can be ready to use in as little as a week with staff fully trained

Quickly access data and relevant information from a few clicks

Mark Harris,

Finance director,

Kent Catholic Schools Partnership

When we signed up for Civica Education Operations, I don’t mind saying that I thought going around all of the schools and trying to list all the items was going to be a bit of a nightmare – but it absolutely wasn’t. It went very, very smoothly. We had no complaints whatsoever. We are wholly positive about Civica.