South Ayrshire moves to centralised system for property management

28th February 2023

Civica Property Management streamlines working practices to efficiently manage the property estate

South Ayrshire Council is located on the south west coast of Scotland. The Council’s operational property portfolio comprises approximately 228 schools, community facilities, sports facilities, offices etc. The Council’s commercial portfolio of around 270 establishments includes shops, industrial units, ground lets etc. Historically property data and information had been held within a variety of sources.

Core property information was held on an Oracle based system, Uniform. Other information, including Compliance and Education data was recorded in a variety of spreadsheets, whilst help calls and instructions were managed via a phone and paper-based system.

The Council decided to consolidate all of its property management information into one system to enable them to manage and report data on their estate more effectively. They selected Civica Property Management (formerly tf cloud, from The Technology Forge) a cloud asset management system which can be accessed from any location using PCs, tablets or smartphones.

For reactive maintenance the Council uses the Help Call module to streamline and enhance the property fault reporting process, introducing a central point for fault reporting and for issuing instructions to third parties to remedy faults.

Using the Inspections Module for legislative compliance, the Council has moved away from numerous spreadsheets to one central location for all inspection scheduling. South Ayrshire Council has been working with third party contractors to allow them access to upload certifications once checks are completed. This process has streamlined work practices and saved on both staff time and costs.

Anne Mills,

Property and PPP Manager,

South Ayrshire Council

Since going live with the Inspections module, it has been of considerable benefit to be able to quickly programme and manage inspections and, to view a range of inspections across individual properties and inspection types. The implementation of this module has resulted in more streamlined and efficient working practices.

Ijaz Bashir,

Asset Systems Manager,

South Ayrshire Council

Civica Property Management has provided us with a flexible cloud-based system which enables us to hold and interrogate our core property information in one central location in an efficient and effective manner.