3rd July 2019

Safe Enough? – A new thought leadership report for schools on the challenges in using and protecting data

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA, 4 July 2019: Civica, a leading global provider of software for the public sector has launched a new report for the education sector focusing on the emerging challenges around the use and protection of data, "Safe Enough? Data and Privacy in Schools" is now available to download. 

With the increasing importance of data to help administrators, teachers, and students to improve education outcomes, schools, by their very nature, hold and safeguard large amounts of personal and sensitive information. As such, who has access to that data and how it is protected is of paramount importance to a school’s community.

Security underpins everything at Civica, whose solutions supports more than 6000 schools and colleges globally, from development to delivery and support. To assist schools with their own privacy conversations, Civica commissioned the Institute of Public Policy & Governance at the University of Technology Sydney to conduct research into how schools can best respond to emerging challenges around the use and protection of data.

Commenting on the report Simon Jones, Civica’s Managing Director, Education solutions, says: “We operate in an environment where privacy concerns are paramount and data protection must be grounded in ethical practices that inspire trust, while meeting compliance requirements. So privacy of data and the protection of sensitive information is a responsibility that we take very seriously."

Civica’s latest report in its Changing Landscape series, based on conversations with school and education sector leaders, examines:

  • Understanding data and privacy – what are we protecting and how can we effectively protect it?
  • Understanding the digital landscape – Gartner names digital ethics and privacy as a top 10 strategic digital trend with consumers increasingly concerned about how their information is being used
  • Understanding risk - risk includes reputation, financial, operational, and damage to individuals, and schools must be prepared for both accidental, system, and malicious data breaches
  • Understanding compliance – data security is everyone’s responsibility and not ‘someone else’s problem’
  • Understanding trust – trust is a fundamental and fragile asset and communities need to be reassured that their data is safe

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