Cyber Attack June 2017

28th May 2017

Civica takes the security of systems and data seriously and we are monitoring the situation regarding the recent large-scale malicious software attacks, together with ensuring the appropriate actions have been taken to protect against the threat. As a responsible supplier with a strong track record, we are working with our customers to provide appropriate technical support including communicating with third party suppliers.

The malware behind May 2017's attack, variously known as WannaCrypt, WannaCry or WCry, exploits an operating system vulnerability for which Microsoft has released recent patches. The specific patch related to MS17-010 can be found by browsing here.  

We urge all organisations to follow safe computing practices, including:

  • Ensure you are ultra-vigilant with any emails you receive
  • Do not click on links in email unless you are certain they are safe
  • Do not open shared documents or email attachments unless you are expecting them and trust the person who sent them
  • Keep software and apps up to date including anti-virus software
  • Use secure, trusted networks