28th August 2019

Civica announces partnership with Vantage Health Plan to improve data quality while creating a single view of the patient and member

Civica, an international leader in software for public services, including Master Data Management (MDM) for healthcare organizations and state and local governments, has announced a partnership with Vantage Health Plan, Inc.

Vantage will implement Civica's MDM solution, MultiVue, to improve quality of care by creating a complete, accurate and shareable view of its members, patients and providers.

Vantage, a Louisiana-based health plan covering more than 50,000 members with 15,000 participating providers, was expanding rapidly and needed a solution to tie together multiple, disparate systems resulting from this growth. They sought a partner who could help create a single view of the patient and member across Vantage's networks of hospitals, clinics, labs and pharmacies.

"An Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) is foundational to our mission of improving the quality of care for our beneficiaries. We collect and share data from a large number of health information systems, and it's imperative that we have a clean, comprehensive, longitudinal view of our patients. We chose Civica because of its commitment to transparency in the algorithms they use, the robustness of the MultiVue solution and its ability to process large amounts of data in real time," said Landon Wright, Chief Information Officer at Vantage.

Vantage will use MultiVue to share images, Continuity of Care Documents and other patient data with provider partners. Further, the solution will help validate and synchronize patient registration data across the network and eliminate workflow redundancies and duplicate records.

"We're excited to partner with Vantage and are confident that MultiVue's robust data matching technology and advanced data stewardship workflows will support the mission of the health plan now and into the future," said Jeff Hewitt, Civica's Executive Director for Housing & Communities.