6th March 2017

Budget 2016: Civica's response

Paul Bradbury, Executive Director Business Development, Civica said "In today’s Budget announcement, the Chancellor announced a complete shake-up in the way local government will be funded by the end of this parliament, when 100% of local government resources will come from their own area. As a partner to 94% of local authorities in Great Britain, we’re fully aware of the risks and what a great opportunity this move through the ‘devolution revolution’ has to completely reshape the future of local public services.

Moving from central control to local, where local authorities have sight and governance over the budgets available, is crucial to meeting the efficiencies demanded from the government whilst ensuring that citizens receive the services they both demand and need.

However, it seems clear that the role of local government will continue to change, with the emphasis moving from organisations to places and from transactions to relationships. An essential element of this will be the transition to digital services, focusing on re-designed end-to-end services and outcome-led intervention, as well as becoming more commercially astute. We now need to ensure that public sector organisations are equipped with the talent and skills needed to build on the success of the ‘devolution revolution’ we have seen in Manchester and will soon see around the country, in East Anglia, the West of England and Lincolnshire."