5th February 2019

Top six benefits of Master Data Management for government services

By Duncan Hall, Regional Vice President, State and Local Government, Civica US

State and local governments are under more pressure than ever to streamline citizen services and deliver better outcomes at a lower cost.

This means making better use of their data: breaking down silos so different departments and agencies can draw from the same information sources and develop a more holistic view of where improvements – and savings – can be made.

Trusted by state and local governments across the US and worldwide, our Master Data Management (MDM) solution provides a simple and cost-effective way for large organizations to deliver this single view of the citizen and set the stage for future digital transformation efforts – including ambitious CRM and business intelligence projects.

Master Data Management provides your government organization with several advantages, including:

  • Accurate, complete and consistent citizen data across departments and agencies - Many agencies struggle with having separate departments operate in data silos. A complete view of citizen data for streamlined processing and decision-making is key for a 21st century government. MDM enables support for multi-agency (or multi-departmental) working and case coordination, with tracking and alerts for significant information.
  • A holistic view of service consumption for more informed decisions - Understand how citizens interact and engage with government across multiple departments, or agencies. MDM enable agencies to be more proactive and timely in their service delivery and efficiency, as well as enable reporting, analytics and monitoring/tracking.
  • Streamlined services delivered at a lower cost - MDM enables data stewards to quickly and efficiently do their job. It improves user experience, and uptake in citizen experience (in self-service models), making more services available online. MDM allows agencies to eliminate manual, burdensome data entry and improve operational efficiency and strategic planning, ultimately improving data quality while reducing cost and resources.

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