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Intuitive and mobile, Authority Connect helps you achieve maximum value.

Authority Connect is the mobility app of Civica Authority, giving you and your staff complete control over your organisation's procurement, invoice management, and employee-related processes such as managing leaves and payslips.

With Authority Connect, you can effortlessly handle all your tasks on the go, saving time and reducing administrative effort. As the app replicates the features of Authority modules in a mobile app, you can be confident that you have access to the latest features and functionality.

Authority Connect:

Offline and Secure Access

Intuitive User Interface & Experience

Access multiple Authority modules

The Authority Connect app helps get things done faster and with greater ease. It combines the convenience of offline access, the confidence of secure data management, and offers a seamless native user interface, creating a better experience for your staff.

With Authority Connect, you have access:

  • Employee Kiosk
  • Authority Procure to Pay
  • eInvoicing


Authority Connect - Employee Kiosk

Experience the power of Authority Connect Employee Kiosk module, which brings the functionalities of Authority's Employee Kiosk directly to your mobile device.

Manage your payslips and leave requests remotely, from anywhere and at any time. By utilising the Employee Kiosk module, you can reduce the burden on system administrators and take control of your own employment management. The seamless synchronization with Authority ensures that any action you perform within the app is instantly reflected in the system, providing real-time updates and accurate data.

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Authority Connect - Procure to Pay and eInvoicing

With Authority Connect Procure to Pay, you have complete control over your organisation’s purchase and invoice information, all from the palm of your hand. You can view, approve, and manage your purchase orders and invoices in seconds, no matter where you are.

With the Authority Connect app, you can do it all on the go.

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Authority Procure to Pay - Empowers your finance team to a single source of truth

Designed and developed in Australia for local government, Civica Authority – Procure to Pay (P2P) helps you achieve maximum value from the procurement process and improve your financial planning, creating new levels of trust in your data.

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