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Improve patient experience and safety, reduce food wastage

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A meal ordering app designed to provide patients with a more interactive and personal experience.

Civica Catering Management's Bedside app (formerly Saffron Bedside) improves efficiency and reduces food wastage within healthcare catering operations through real-time, more accurate information. Paperless processes in hospitals and care homes are more important than ever.

Enhance patient experience

Civica Bedside is designed to provide patients and residents with a more interactive meal ordering process. Patients are presented with personalised meal options based on their individual dietary requirements. They can view images of each dish along with nutritional analysis to help make an informed choice.

Paperless processes

The Bedside app removes the need to use paper menus on wards and in care homes, a key consideration for complying with Covid-secure processes. Ordering via an app speeds up the capture of data, improves accuracy by reducing manual errors and provides an audit trail.

Reduce costs

Without the need for printed menu cards, the time and cost of gathering orders is reduced by 50%. The accuracy of orders is significantly increased which streamlines production in the kitchen. With more accurate orders being taken, the need for over-production and food wastage is reduced.

Civica digital bedside meal ordering drives £180k saving

Driving food reduction and improving patient satisfaction for Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Sodexo. 

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