Authority Asset Management & Solution

Risk management and compliance assurance with easy integration .

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Authority Asset Management solution is specially designed for local governments to help manage all classes of assets consistently and sustainably.

A key component of the Authority Enterprise Software Suite, the Asset Infrastructure Management solution integrates in real time to Authority Financials, Customer Request Management, Land Information System and other relevant systems.

It seamlessly encrypts all the asset related data to give you answers to a comprehensive range of short, medium and long term costs, incomes and forecasts associated with assets, effectively helping you to optimise the asset lifecycle from planning stage to disposal.

It is stored in a single database environment that eliminates data duplication and facilitates informed decision making.

The solution is scalable and secure and can be easily configured to other third party financial systems making it easy for you to manage your assets more effectively than before.

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Why choose Authority Asset Management

Comprehensive cost and income solutions, including short medium and long term projections

Improve control of assets and facilitate informed strategy decisions

Scalable with integration to third party financial systems.

Features of Authority Asset Management

Community Asset Management

  • Asset Register
  • Asset Accounting, Lifecycle Costing
  • Bulk Data Tools
  • Reporting
  • EDRMS integration, GIS integration

Community Works

  • Work Orders
  • Reactive Maintenance, Planned Maintenance
  • Customer Requests
  • Reporting
  • Mobile Assets

Community Planning

  • Deterioration
  • Service Levels
  • Risk Assessment
  • Valuations, ODM, Treatments
  • Capital Works Plans

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