Civica expands City of Albany into WA Library Consortium

29th May 2024

Civica, a leading provider of educational software solutions, is thrilled to announce the expansion of City of Albany to WA Library Consortium. This transformation, set to include the addition of over 7 new libraries in 2024, will span across 17 existing libraries and several new members, positioning the consortium as a significant force in library collaboration within the expansive Western Australian landscape.

The WA Library Consortium, known for its remarkable geographic spread with member libraries spanning over 2000km, is poised to become one of the largest geographically-connected library consortia globally. This expansion underscores Civica's commitment to empowering regional libraries by fostering shared services while preserving individual library identities.

Julie Morton,

Head of Sales Education,

Civica APAC

Libraries play a crucial role in community engagement and knowledge-sharing. Our partnership with the City of Albany marks a milestone in our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of Western Australia's diverse communities.

Civica's innovative software solution, Spydus, will serve as the backbone of the Regional WA Library Consortium, facilitating seamless resource-sharing, community engagement, and service delivery. With its patron-centric approach, Spydus offers tailored features including a user-friendly discovery OPAC, integrated e-content, and mobile applications designed to enhance user experiences and streamline operations.

Key features of Spydus include:

  • Centralised Resource Management: Consolidates resources, archives, digital content, and event management into a comprehensive application, enhancing efficiency for staff and patrons

  • Flexible Consortium Options: Offers customisable consortium models to optimise resources and provide cost-saving measures suitable for libraries of varying sizes and types

  • Empowering Self-Service Capabilities: Enables users to access a wide array of services independently, reducing staff workload and improving accessibility.

The Regional WA Library Consortium currently serves 138,000 citizens across its 34 libraries, with further growth anticipated through ongoing expansion efforts. A recent case study highlighting the consortium's impact and growth trajectory can be accessed here: Spydus WA regional library consortium is now the largest in Australia | Civica