Improving transparency and meeting management in local councils

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6th September 2023

Empowering Local Councils: Your Guide to Transparent Governance and Effective Meetings

Local councils are playing a pivotal role in shaping communities, and the decisions they make have a direct impact on the lives of residents. Our ‘Improving Transparency and Meeting Management in Local Councils’ eBook bridges the gap between traditional practices and modern innovation, equipping councils with the tools they need to drive meaningful change.

About the Author:

Having worked within local governments and led governance teams, Steve Jones intimately understands the complexities and challenges that councils face. With over two decades of experience spanning both the UK and Australia, Steve brings you an invaluable guide to navigate the intricate world of council operations.

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  • Understanding Council Challenges: Understand the legislative requirements and governance practices that form the foundation of local government operations. Steve simplifies these complex aspects, making them accessible to all
  • Enhancing Meeting Management: Discover strategies to make your council meetings more efficient and productive, from effective scheduling to meticulous agenda preparation and accurate decision recording
  • Selecting the Perfect Solution: We take you through the process of choosing the most suitable governance and meeting management solution for your unique council requirements
  • Utilising Technology for Transparency: Explore how technology can become a powerful ally in your mission to enhance transparency and accountability within your council's decision-making processes.

Join the councils on their way to better decision-making

Effective governance is essential for local councils’ success. Steve bridges the gap between traditional practices and modern solutions, ensuring that your council's decision-making processes are transparent, efficient, and community focused.

These councils have taken a step towards a transformative journey about empowered decision-making and enhanced community engagement. Explore their journey.

Choosing Modern.Gov

Modern.Gov meeting and agenda management software delivers cost-effective, efficient and transparent decision management for all your stakeholders; meeting organisers, committee members and the public.

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Want to see how Modern.Gov, a leading solution for governance & meeting management could help you transform your organisation? Book a demo today! Book a discovery call with Steve Jones, our Governance expert, where we can discuss your challenges and how we can support the smooth operations of your council meetings.



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