EMPI for Healthcare

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A complete patient record across systems, trusts and partners to the NHS.

The digitising of health services is challenging the sector to raise its data game. Great data supports improved outcomes. It delivers the effective patient insights needed for timely diagnosis and improved population health management.

A growth in volume of patient data creates duplication and quality issues for individual and merging NHS Trusts and their partners. The rise of Local Health and Care Record Exemplars (LHCRE), new Integrated Care Systems (ICS) and Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STP), make data management more important than ever. To be effective they need a single source of trusted data.

Civica’s cloud-enabled Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI), MultiVue, helps healthcare practitioners and solution providers to accurately match, merge and master data from many sources, including when no NHS number is available or an individual has multiple NHS numbers. It ensures a complete, accurate and shareable view of patients and providers; anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

We can deliver a shared care record to help you coordinate and deliver services more effectively in under 90 days.

Scott Watson,

Director of GM Interoperability (Acting),

Greater Manchester Digital Platform

MultiVue forms the citizen identity core of the GM Digital Platform and has been pivotal in supporting our COVID response.

The value an EMPI delivers:

Patient wellness and safety:

  • Improve outcomes by providing the complete patient record to clinicians
  • Enable proactive processes and targeted wellness programs to minimise avoidable contact
  • Improve patient safety by providing complete medical history and key information such as allergies, recent surgery and medications.

Medical records management:

  • Support GDPR for consent management, patient rights and records retention
  • De-duplicate medical records and harmonise records from multiple care environments
  • Ensure consistent patient records across all aspects of care delivery


  • Provide the base foundational data to support effective population health management
  • Enable health initiatives to identify and tackle causes not just symptoms
  • Easily identify patient relationships and provide household insights

Data sharing and collaboration:

  • Enable effective case co-ordination and truly joined-up multi-agency working
  • Provide a platform for shared alerts for safer interactions; improving staff and patient safety
  • Allow effective data exchange between primary, secondary (acute) and tertiary care.