Support your community care staff with mobile access to rosters, client information and shift management

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Why choose CarelinkGo? 

  • Support an agile and mobile workforce 
  • Access information anytime, anywhere when providing care 
  • Capture real-time data and information

Connect your workforce with the information and tools they need – all from their smartphone.

With care workers on the go, you need a mobile solution for client information and rosters. CarelinkGo captures time and attendance in real-time. It allows care workers to monitor goals, access maps, capture client signatures, and sync with CarelinkPlus on the go.  


Say goodbye to paper timesheets and forms. Care providers can complete administrative tasks, such as updating client information, onsite or after their visit. The updated information then integrates into the CarelinkPlus database. CarelinkGo works with both Android and iOS devices, whether they’re supplied by workers or part of a corporate device program. 


CarelinkGo is quick and easy to learn. And optional tutorials within the app can help make the learning process even easier. You’ll be able to support your staff as they move to a collaborative, transparent, and simple in-house care software solution. 


The application keeps up-to-date with your needs. We develop an expanding range of features in collaboration with our customers, so you can spend more time focusing on providing better care outcomes.

CarelinkGo time and attendance features 

  • Shift and client notes - view information about the client and their shifts, and create clients notes 
  • Reminders - view and create general, shift and client reminders 
  • Tasks - show a list of tasks to perform during the visit 
  • Client information - display important information about the client including client notes, documents and goals 
  • Goals - access a client’s goals and interventions to monitor their progress 
  • Phone - call the client directly from within the app 


CarelinkGo frees our staff to complete those day-to-day administrative tasks easily and efficiently, which in the long run saves us money and allows staff to provide more assistance to our participants.
Craig Bolton,IT Manager, Multitask. 

CarelinkGo at Multitask

Smartphone app to save time, money and increase the quality of client care

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