Carelink Services and Training

Data migration, implementation, consulting and training services for the Carelink Community Care product suite.

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We help your organisation get the most out of your Carelink Suite with custom training and services.

Our consultants help you migrate your data and get your smart software solution up and running through a wide range of Services and Training options, including data analysis, implementation, and account management. 

We’ll guide you with the migration of your data, and how best to clean your data. We’ll also help you assess its relevance to CarelinkPlus. 

During implementation, our consultants will discover how you run your business and where using the Carelink Suite will make a difference. They’ll be able to assess the activities and time frame needed to complete a successful transition to your customised solution. Carelink Suite allows users to build content and a database that matches their business requirements. 


Carelink Services and Training also offer train the trainer sessions that embed the learning throughout the team and make sure it’s a good fit with your organisational needs. We can conduct training onsite, online, or offsite. 

Why choose Carelink Services and Training?

Support from consulting to the training of the Carelink Suite

Save time and reduce costs for your business.

Consultants from a variety of care organisations with more than 20 years of expertise

Experienced Consultants: Our consultants have years of experience within the industry and in implementing the Carelink Suite.

Assistance and Support: No matter the size or complexity of the project, we assure you that our Carelink Services consultants provide valuable advice and support.

Customer Account Management: A Customer Account Manager is assigned to each organisation to ensure continual support so that your team gets the most from their Carelink solution.

eLearning Modules: We have developed self-paced and detailed eLearning Modules for training new employees for the Carelink Suite.

Custom Training: Our experienced trainers create custom training plans onsite, offsite and online to ensure your staff is receiving the specific training they require.