Our web-based solution for Community Care integrating seamlessly with CarelinkPlus

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CarelinkAir is the next generation of CarelinkPlus. This solution allows the workforce involved in planning and delivering care, to be connected whilst in the field. Our web-based application is designed for use on tablet and smartphone devices and is fully integrated with your CarelinkPlus database in real time.


Why choose CarelinkAir?

Digitise paper-based forms to increase efficiency of mobile care providers & minimise back office processing

View & capture client information remotely with seamless integration with your CarelinkPlus solution

A web based solution to mobilise staff  and allow the client to be fully engaged with the service provider

CarelinkAir Features

  • Dashboard - The Dashboard screen allows easy access to a customisable layout of useful widgets.
  • Forms - Develop customised forms for use in the field including assessments, risk scoring, goal plans and more.
  • Client Records - Access up to date client information with real-time integration with your CarelinkPlus database.
  • Attachments - Create and attach documents to client notes and profiles whilst on the go.
  • Workflows - Workflows allow you to build in various actions to occur based on the way a form is answered.
  • Maps - CarelinkAir has the ability to link client addresses to Google Maps at the push of a button through Maps.
  • Notes - View and create notes in the field and have them sync to your CarelinkPlus Solution.
  • Signatures - Capture signatures digitally with CarelinkAir. No more paper-based forms to process in the office.

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