Tranman Fleet Management is now TranSend

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Tranman has now graduated to become TranSend, a unique platform for fleet management that makes it easier for organisations to improve road safety, optimise running costs, and increase fleet productivity.

TranSend Fleet Management has an eco-system of ever evolving features that are designed to help you manage your fleet. With continuous innovation and development, it will nurture your organisation's needs, boost efficiency, promote safety, and control the cost of your fleet.

Built with modern fleet management in mind, you can send or receive information using a mobile device wherever you’re working. With instant access to the latest information, you can act fast and make timely decisions.


Key benefits of TranSend over Tranman:

A single platform

Reduce the number of suppliers, systems and processes to save costs, reduce administration and increase productivity. Plus, It’ll be easier to train new staff.

Smart technology

Using the cloud, you can work from anywhere using any device. Stay connected with your team, drivers, suppliers and keep customers up-to-date with the latest information.

Better data insight

TranSend will help you and your team be proactive and plan ahead. With in-depth data, you will be able to minimise unnecessary fleet downtime and promote safety.

Support net zero targets

With increased visibility of fuel and vehicle efficiency, you and your organisation can make key decisions to reduce the impact your fleet has on the environment.

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