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1 in 5 Australian community care providers use Carelink Suite to deliver better care

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Civica Carelink facilitates your staff to focus on delivering better care across the aged, disability, mental health, children and family services sectors by automating and streamlining operational processes.

Client data, case management information, rostering, resources, award interpretation, budgeting, and financial tracking can be managed in a few clicks using the Carelink Suite software. Get real-time client and staff data to make more informed decisions and deliver better community care outcomes.

Civica Carelink Suite supports the need of your organisation to achieve improved financial and operational expenses. Civica Carelink integrates with the Department of Social Services, Medicare, and National Disability Insurance Agency using API integration to maximise business efficiencies and ensure simplified compliance. Civica Carelink also enables you to connect with third-party HR, payroll, and finance systems to reduce the amount of time you spend on paperwork.

Community Care providers user Carelink Suite for NDIS

Savings per annum per staff member

National Disability Insurance Scheme claims processed

Home Care Packages managed using Carelink

Care support workers utilising CarelinkGo for better care delivery


CarelinkGo captures time and attendance information to allow care workers access to their rosters both online and offline. As well as being functionality-rich with client notes, documents, and smart-forms, CarelinkGo enables care workers to monitor goals, access maps, capture client signatures, and sync with CarelinkPlus on the go. CarelinkGo also supports in-app messaging for vacancies, shift changes, and broadcast-all type messages so you no longer need to SMS staff. Geofencing for shift start and end is also available to better support your staff. Build technology confidence amongst your team with an easy-to-use app - designed for users of all technical skills levels.

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CarelinkAir is a web-based software that enables care workers to create, update, edit, cancel, and duplicate shifts from their devices at the point of contact with clients. Care workers can also check intake assessments, report incidents, and view support plans. CarelinkAir empowers support coordinators, case managers, and therapists by providing access to roster information, ensuring they have better visibility over their work schedules, and the ability to capture time for billing and claiming. Save countless hours of administration with instant sync to Carelink Suite and real-time information processing for on-the-go compliance.

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Future-proof your delivery and enhance your flexibility with the deployment of your Carelink Suite via the cloud. CarelinkCloud adapts easily to growing or diminishing your resources to meet your business needs. There is no downtime in your business flow or expensive, unplanned changes. You can also scale your cloud environment on-demand. Benefit from scheduled database upgrades, application administration, user account creation, and disaster discovery.

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CarelinkPlus is a back-office solution that provides an end-to-end client management solution that supports your organisation in managing vital business operations. With over 500 modules, CarelinkPlus is a central repository for client data, case and resource management, award interpretation, budget, and financial tracking. Collect and submit data to the relevant agencies in the required formats using API integration for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Department of Social Services, Home Care Packages, Commonwealth Home Support Programmes, quickly with CarelinkPlus.

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CarelinkConnect allows you to achieve seamless integration with your different solutions, whether the integration architecture is point-to-point, hub-spoke, or Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). We offer specific APIs for various needs, including clients, carers, and rosters. We also collaborate closely with the Department of Social Services, Medicare online, and the National Disability Insurance Agency to ensure compliance through multi-directional integration. Civica Carelink also allows for integration with data-rich, easy-to-read PowerBI reports.

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Jake Wilson,

Regional PSP Manager,


The time saving has been monumental, translating to several hours per week per employee in the field because of the efficiencies generated by Civica Carelink.

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