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What is Population Health Intelligence (PHI)?

With the launch of Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) NHS leaders are asking themselves ‘how should we allocate resources across the system to maximise outcomes for our local population?'

Bringing data together is crucial to starting the process. Within health services, that means data from across the acute, mental health, community and primary care sectors. But to address the wider determinants of health, data from other sectors and sources needs to be included, such as housing, education and environmental factors that impact on individuals’ health.

PHI helps you understand what your current health and care services are providing and identify what your future needs will be. You can utilise this information to tailor better care and support services at an individual level to design more joined up and sustainable services.



Patient level costing software which considers all the activities in a healthcare setting. It applies the financial implications and quickly helps you build accurate patient level costing models. With dynamic analytics and reporting, you’ll have better insight into your operations and finances.

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Provides the insight to price, monitor and manage activities and costs in line with contract requirements. It unifies activity and price data sets across health settings to deliver efficient, transparent and consistent expenditure control.

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Our AI engine, easily identifies systemic variation in clinical data. Using AI and the latest cloud technologies it can mine data in minutes, returning insights in a fraction of the time it would take a human analyst using traditional BI methods. Identifying tangible opportunities for improvement and driving transformational change.

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Automates processing within SLAM and CostMaster. Repetitive tasks such as importing data and calculating a model can be set up within one job that removes the requirement for manual update.

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Activity Forecasting and Resource Planning

Uses the latest AI technology to provide forecasts which allow organisations to continually model changes in population and service provision.

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Empowers users to take control of their costing data and leverage it to provide an understanding of what’s driving variation when compared to peers.

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Population Health Management

Provides a connection between financial and activity health data, plus demographic data on areas that affect health outcomes.

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Tracey Cotterill, Managing Director, shares her thoughts on the challenges of Population Health Intelligence.

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