Civica Technology & Innovation Management


Civica NorthStar is our innovation lab, exploring fresh ideas around data, automation and new technology in response to the biggest challenges our markets are facing - and will face tomorrow.

Our world continues to evolve and remains as fast-paced as ever.

We’re supporting conversations across all our core markets to dig deep into the challenges that the future presents and setting out on missions that bring our global innovator community together to find solutions.

We kicked things off by examining the potential of immersive technologies. Then in in our next volume we delved into the world of chatbots. We braved the machine learning matrix in volume 4, before pushing past 88mph to connect to the future for public services. In our now annual GovTech trends, we've shared our seven key trends for 2023.




Perspectives* is not just a standard content series. It expands on the latest thinking from our innovation lab, Civica NorthStar, and with opinions from innovators and leaders around the world, showcases the potential of relevant technologies for public services.