Changing Landscape Reports

Our 'Changing Landscape' programme brings both public and private sector leaders together with subject matter experts to discuss some of the key challenges and trends we face in delivering public services both now and in the future.  The resulting reports outline some of the key challenges the sector face in transforming whilst continuing to deliver critical services.

The Changing Landscape for the Public Sector: the challenges of building digital bridges

This report examines the current state of digital leadership in public sector organisations, analysing the barriers and challenges of leading in a digital-first economy.

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Changing Landscapes: Digital Transformation,

What do local councils need in the digital age?

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The intrinsic value of libraries as public spaces

How can libraries remain a central part of community life in a changing landscape

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Co-design: different ideas from a different voice

Exceptional results by engaging communities to collaboratively prioritise and design services

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The changing landscape for local government in Australia & New Zealand

A new working model to deliver integrated services in the run-up to 2025 and beyond

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Data quality: Local government by the people, for the people

Population change, growing citizen expectations and evolving technologies bring challenges and opportunities

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