Achieving a sustainable future for Social Housing

94% of social housing providers believe the government needs to improve its current housing policy

5th October 2017

The world we live in is changing fast, demand for social housing is outstripping inefficient supply three to one. Multi-agency working, government policy and a changing population continues to place enormous pressure on the sector and the leadership teams that deliver these essential services.

Our report, ‘The Changing Landscape for Social Housing’, published in partnership with Solace and The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH), concluded that social housing providers need to act fast, think radically about how they deliver their service, and take some risks along the way in order to survive. They also agreed that boards need to reaffirm their core purpose, close the skills gap and ensure they have the right balance at the top to drive the change the sector needs.

Five key themes that are challenging social housing today were identified:

  • Servicing a changing population
  • Change in government policies add additional pressure
  • Seven leadership attributes to ensure success
  • Three Cs for survival - consolidation, collaboration and commercialisation
  • Technology driving positive outcomes in the community.
Social housing providers have been dealt a tough hand but are starting to  embrace a more commercial and collaborative way of working to ensure they continue doing what they do best.
Paul Bradbury, Executive Director, Civica

Report contributors

In association with Solace and Chartered Institute of Housing.

  • David Loudon, Founder, DtL Creative
  • Kim Ryley, Chair, SOLACE in Business
  • Terrie Alafat, Chief Executive, Chartered Institute of Housing
  • Tim Cowland, Principal Consultant, Sovereign Business Integration Group Plc
  • Gavin Smart, Deputy Chief Executive, Chartered Institute of Housing
  • Peter Gillett, Former Chief Finance Officer, Bristol City Council, now Director of Cothan Solutions
  • Lindsay Simons, Director of Corporate Services, South Lakes Housing
  • Raymond Nwanze, Programme Director, London Borough of Barking & Dagenham
  • Tom McCormack, Chief Executive, Hexagon
  • Helen Chard, Housing Strategy & Enabling Service Manager, Gloucester City Council
  • Su Spence, Chief Executive, Poole Housing Partnership
  • Mark Holdsworth, Sales Director, Civica
  • Paul Bradbury, Executive Director, Civica
  • Wayne Story, CEO, Civica
  • Jeff Hewitt, Executive Director, Civica

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