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With the rapid pace of technology changes and evolving customer expectations, software needs constant updating, upgrading, and eventually, replacing. Without continual improvement, the digital systems that run your organisation soon stop adding value.

Application Transformation is an essential part of that process. By improving what you already have, you’ll get more value from your existing systems – without the cost and disruption of sourcing new software.

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Legacy technical debt creates many challenges

Maintenance and support become too expensive

The cost to keep older systems functioning will keep increasing – especially when it becomes harder to find people with the expertise to manage them.

You’re spending too much time on compliance

Legacy software might not meet modern regulatory requirements, meaning you turn to manual and time-consuming processes just to stay compliant.

You’re worried about risk

What was once top-tier security quickly becomes obsolete. And as other applications outpace your legacy system, compatibility issues start to arise too.

Your staff and citizens are getting frustrated

With people used to slick cloud-based apps, using old software becomes a tedious experience that can damage your reputation.

The benefits of Application Transformation

Cut costs

Whether it’s specialist technical support or staff time on manual processes, the costs of legacy software quickly add up. By improving and streamlining your applications, you’ll soon recoup the initial investment of a modernisation project.

Improve productivity

Smarter systems and increased automation will save many hours of work. And with better integration between transformed applications and the rest of your ecosystem, whole processes will become more efficient.

Accelerate innovation

As well as giving you more time to spend on strategic initiatives, Application Transformation can directly contribute to innovation. You’ll have new capabilities and new insights that simply weren’t possible before.

Civica, the trusted partner to government organisations

Public sector expertise

We have decades of experience in the sector. We understand the challenges you’re facing, and we’ll work with you to develop solutions that work for your needs.

Proven track record

As our 11,000 customers across the world will tell you, we deliver on what we promise.

Full-service delivery

We have experts in everything from strategy to security. That means you’ll always have the right specialist on hand at every stage of your project.

Flexible approach

Each project is tailored to the individual organisation. We’ll always suggest what’s best for your needs, reassessing as we go along.

Organisations we work with

White paper uncovers perceived progress against government's strategy

We surveyed nearly 600 civil servants across government to assess how acquainted respondents were with the government's strategy. 
Download this white paper to learn about how much progress has been made against the roadmap's six missions and gain insight into views on data use and application.

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Civica Application Transformation Health Check

Are you struggling with technical debt due to out-of-date software? Get more from your existing applications and drive greater value for your organisation. Kick start your Application Transformation journey with a Health Check.

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James Cross,

Weather Information Services Project Sponsor,

National Highways

Every time we make a change or development, Civica carries out a thorough impact assessment. That gives us peace of mind that the necessary testing has been done before anything new is deployed.

Webinar on-demand: Driving change with data

Watch our webinar on-demand and hear senior data leaders from the Central Digital & Data Office, Home Office, the Ministry of Defence, and the Department for Business and Trade discuss their experience with data, championing data use in their departments and how to support the National Data Strategy goals, while continuing to drive meaningful change in their organisations.

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The journey to a data driven government

The goals and priorities set out in the National Data Strategy (NDS) are more important than ever. But what’s holding back progress? And how have departments overcome these obstacles?

In our latest whitepaper, In July 2022 Civica and Dods Research gathered insights from 848 civil servants.

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DODS research partnership with Civica

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