Authority Utility

Allowing Municipal Utilities to significantly improve revenue, enhance customer service and work more efficiently

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Authority Utility will help your organization to meet the challenges of today and predict the challenges of tomorrow. Leveraging Civica's 25+ years of utility experience, analysis of industry trends, and extensive client feedback, our software is built to simplyify processes and increase revenue as your organization has access to better data insight.

Authority Utility makes it easier than ever to create bills and collect money. Advanced proofing tools will improve the accuracy of your bills; while our flexible printing options help you get the right information to your customers. You can enter their payments quickly through the system or use our interfaces to further automate the process with web payments, lockboxes, or direct debit.

Customer information is maintained, as they move between accounts, allowing you to improve collections and provide a better, responsive service. With access to accurate billing information, you can quickly answer inquiries of how the customer’s bill is calculated. And with a full record of each contact or transaction made, your entire office is up to date.


Why choose Authority Utility

Significantly increase utility revenue collection

Making online payments easy for your customers, using EasyPay

Better data insight & decision making

Authority Utility will help your organization to:

  • Increase revenue collections
  • Automate manual processes
  • Collect payments faster
  • Extract valuable data to improve productivity & reduce costs
  • Make informed decisions with customized report.


Key Features

  • Bill for an unlimited amount of services
  • Track customers across multiple accounts
  • Wizards streamline common tasks and improve accuracy
  • Enhanced AMR integration, easier to understand compound meter setup
  • Detailed Service Order tracking
  • Transactional and management reports, all available for export to PDF or Microsoft Excel.

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