NewHealth OVHC

A comprehensive Overseas Visitors Health Cover solution for the unique and specific needs of overseas workers and visitors in Australia

NewHealth OVHC is an established solution, specifically designed to cater and adapt to the requirements for overseas visitors requiring health insurance in the Australian PHI industry. Our solution is configurable, flexible, scalable and user friendly, providing the business process efficiency and their customers an enhanced experience.

The solution includes a review process allowing you the option of rejecting the applicant or risk rating their premium based on the application and documents provided by the prospective overseas member. Approvals can also be granted automatically for workers that are employed by sponsors with contractual arrangements in place.

The solution's flexibility and middleware services for online transactions allows prospective members to apply for an OVHC policy when they are still off-shore, which facilitates the approval of the type of visa they are applying for long before they can come on shore.

Why choose NewHealth OVHC

Easily configurable, flexible, scalable and user friendly

Targets market segments effectively

Easy online transactions for overseas visitors

Features of NewHealth OVHC

There are many aspects to the NewHealth OVHC system, its complexity and extensive functionalities many of which used on daily basis by our funds giving them the ability to have a footprint in the overseas market and be leaders in the industry.

  • Application of an administration fee
  • Refunds on cancellation of a policy
  • Join and Application review process including the recording of pre-existing conditions
  • OVHC applicants can have their application process in: manual review, rejected, need more information, accepted, accepted but unpaid, being reviewed
  • Review on additional dependents
  • Review on upgrade of cover
  • Integration to Risk Rating Engine
  • Manual or automatic assessment of OVHC applications
  • Enquiry processes
  • Suspensions
  • Student dependants
  • Terminations/cancellations
  • Correspondence - generation of online emails and letters on OVHC stationary. White labelling.
  • Agent and Group maintenance History
  • Member maintenance history

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