Maze School Management

A comprehensive school management solution for primary and secondary schools

Maze provides a user-friendly solution that integrates all school processes including financial management, enrolments, enquiries, student management, student behaviour, timetabling, VET and academic reporting.

Maze provides access to appropriate information and functions to all members of your school community, including school administrators, school leaders, academic staff and parents.

Modular by design, the Maze school management system allows additional modules to be added seamlessly.

Modules for Maze


Schools can schedule subjects, form classes, allocate teachers to each class and personal timetables can be printed for each of your teachers or students in minutes.


Calendar overlays the Master Timetable allowing the school to modify the allocation of days for each week of the year and provides an easy to use tool for scheduling of exams, rooms and teachers replacements.


Maze Academic reports are completely customisable allowing you to capture and report on any criteria required for a given reporting period.

Period Based Attendance

Maze Period Based Attendance has been developed to record student attendance in each period of the timetable cycle.