Servitor Repairs Management

Helping customers and contractors to monitor and improve their assets.

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Helping you improve performance in responsive, planned, voids and cyclical works, as well as in your gas and electricity servicing requirements

Delivering housing repairs and maintenance in a timely and cost effective manner is important for any organisation. Our cloud-enabled housing and repairs solution, Servitor supports you to achieve this. It helps you manage and control costs of each job so profitability can be analysed. More importantly, with access to real-time information displayed in a configuarable dashboard, you can track job progress and manage workloads more effectively.

Servitor gives you the peace of mind that data is stored securely and the freedom to work from any device.

Why choose Servitor Repairs Management

Monitor repair programme delivery, providing a comprehensive view of job costs, profitability, and helps you identify trends in expenditure.

Mobile working enables operatives to access up-to-date information in real time, which helps improve customer service and reduce the cost of delivery.

Improve management of your repairs and maintenance service

Housing providers and repair contractors often struggle with disparate systems, poor data, lack of real-time financial control and ineffective storing of information and correspondence — all of which makes it challenging to deliver an efficient service.

Servitor can help you overcome the challenge, with an integrated, configurable solution to help you manage repairs and maintenance services better, communicate more easily with your customers, and subcontractors, and manage your costs more effectively. Features include:

  • Dashboards. A range of real-time operational and financial dashboards will help you effectively manage your operations. In particular, the financial dashboard will help with budget management and profiling.
  • Mobile. Enables operatives to accept, progress and vary jobs sent to their mobile device, as well as validate timesheets.
  • Documentation and communication. Documentation and images are securely stored in a central repository; and email and SMS communication helps improve customer interaction.
  • Gas servicing and gas certification. Linked to the documentation and communication module, this module helps you manage your gas maintenance programmes efficiently.
  • E-procurement2. Enables secure, real-time integration with materials merchants.
  • M-procurement. Allows operatives to order supplies from materials merchants using their mobile devices.
  • Planned servicing and voids: Helps you manage your planned servicing and voids processes effectively.
  • Subcontractor portal. Facilitates two-way communication and helps make subcontractor management more efficient.
  • Servitor express. Updates core Servitor functions remotely and enables users to make appointments from customer sites.

Servitor includes APIs to enable integration with other housing products and a mobile gateway for integration with other mobile products.  

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