Enterprise Level Rapid Implementation

Civica Complaints Management takes an innovative approach to enterprise-level implementation. Our methodology is based on three core concepts: Integrated Configuration, Productive Listening and Comprehensive Testing.

This allows the implementation to be aligned to your requirements, cost effective and swift to see returns. We ensure secure and scalable cloud-based infrastructure with hosting on Amazon Web Services.

Integrated Configuration

A template system provides a blueprint of the solution for your sector, accelerating the implementation process. We then fine tune it to your specific needs by using our form designer, workflow and external interface configuration tools.

These tools completely transform the implementation process — instead of time-consuming development plans and coding, the focus shifts to business analysis and rapid deployment based on your enterprise’s specific requirements.

Productive Listening

Speaking of business requirements, we absolutely realise that we cannot read minds nor assume that we know what your organisation needs. So we undertake a series of workshops designed to understand your requirements, discuss the best way to achieve those requirements and, ultimately, create a set of defined changes to our template configuration. We want to work with you and—most importantly—listen to your needs so that we can collaboratively finalise a plan of action.

The implementation process typically involves multiple stakeholders, all of whom have their own unique expectations in terms of how the software will impact both themselves and their teams. With 25 years of case management experience, we are particularly aware of the multiple user roles involved and how the software can improve, and change, existing processes.

Comprehensive Testing

After agreement on how best to meet business requirements, we initiate the process of structured testing for all aspects of your customised Civica Complaints Management system. The testing process involves system tests (ensure that functionality works as expected), User Acceptance Testing (UAT), to ensure that the platform and environment is consistent with expectations.

We take a formal & structured approach to the testing process with an emphasis on efficient deployment without compromising quality.


Our cloud-based infrastructure is highly secure and scalable for large enterprises managing in excess of 1 million complaints per year. We are an ISO 27001 certified company (ISMS) that follows a systematic approach to the handling of customer data and security. We take extra steps to ensure that your data is protected at all times. Automated backups, network isolation, fail-over automation, data replication across multiple data centres and AES-256 encryption all combine to keep your sensitive data fully protected from all potential threats.

We use Amazon’s Cloud Infrastructure and its component services to manage our hosting and database requirements. This flexible framework enables us to offer real-time scalability that supports the continual growth of your enterprise’s case management needs.

If you would like to find out more about Civica Complaints Management for your organisation, contact us.